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Stimulating KWD808 I Machine

Stimulating KWD808 I Machine
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  •  KWD-808-I Electro Stimulator
  • 6 Output channels
  • Timer
  • Adjustable Frequency and Intensity
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Probe-Point Locator
  • Detection OUtlet
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Five Button Wave Form Selection - Continuous Wave; Dense-Disperse; Intense-Dispersive Wave; Ripple Wave; Respiration Wave
  • On/Off Button Detector Probe
  • Frequency Indicator Green LED light
  • Power Green LED Light
  • Power Level/Gauge
  • DC9V (1.5 x 6) Type Battery/AC Adaptor
  • New Zealand adaptor required.
  • Includes an acupoint detecting pen, instruction manual and chart 
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